International Projects

Y's Men Club implements various major projects every year for the benefit of the society and for the club members.

Brotherhood Fund (BF)

The abbreviation BF is often used for both the fund and the work carried out in connection with this. The was started in 1931 and for many years its proceed was used to promote the movement outside North America and to enable Y's Men from other areas of the world to attend International Convections, always held in USA or Canada in those days. Till 1968 its name was Bishops Fund to Brotherhood fund and certain change took place in the idea behind the fund. As the name suggests, its purpose is to strengthen the fellowship of Y's Men throughout the world, still partly by enabling Y's Men to attend Area and Regional Convections but also by enabling them to visit distant Regions.

BF resources are raised by local clubs, through the collection and sale of used postage stamps and through cash donations. The disbursement of BF resources are handled by the BF Expenditure Committee

Youth Educational Exchange Programme (YEEP)

A programme through which Y's Men children of age group 16 to 18 years are given the possibility of studying for a year in a foreign country. The student is hosted by a Y's Men family and lives as a member of that family for the year.

International Brother Clubs (IBC)

Two or more Y's Men Clubs in different countries, which join in partnership for their mutual benefit, thus extending national boundaries and promoting international understanding and fellowship. Contact is maintained through letters, club bulletins, tapes, videos and visits. Many triangular relationships exist where three Y's Mens clubs have joined in a Brother Club relationship. Sometimes two of these clubs are located nearby. There are also quadrangular Brother Club relationships involving four clubs.

Time of Fast (TOF)

An international service branch of our movement, which supports development work mostly run by YMCAs. Its main source of income is an annual day of fast. In coordination with the World Alliance of YMCAs and its area offices, educational and self-help projects are funded in many countries.

Alexander Scholarship Fund (ASF)

This fund was created in 1954 and was known as PWASF up to 1982. The aim is to alleviate the desperate shortage of YMCA professionals throughout the world by encouraging young people in various countries to take on this responsibility making financial contribution towards their training.

Endowment Fund (EF)

This fund created in 1959 aims to develop Y'sdom in areas by raising funds from individuals, clubs and conventions for training, special projects and emergencies. It has five trusties who are jointly responsible with the International Council for the investment and management of the fund, of which only the interest is disbursed.


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