Auxillary Clubs

A Y's Mens Club has two auxiliary clubs, namely Y's Menette's Club & Y'sLing's Club.

Y's Menette's Club

A Y's Menette is a member of Y's Menette's club. Y's Menette are wives of Y's Men and assists in the projects of Y's Men and community.

Y's Menettes Clubs plan and carry out programmes and projects of their own in support of Y's Men's club, the YMCA and the community at local, District, Regional, Area and International levels.

The person in charge of Y's Menette club at the Regional level is the Regional Service Director for Y's Menette. In some region she is called 'Regional Director for Y's Menette'. The international leader is called the 'International Director'for Y's Menettes.

Y'sLing's Club

Y'sling is the child of a Y's Man. At club levels they can form a separate club and do various activities. They can continue the membership till they got married.


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